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Water leaking through cracks and joints in sewer systems very often reduces the system’s capacity, increases pump wear and treatment costs. Most of these leaks can be eliminated quickly, safely and cost effectively.
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Maritime Infrastructure Technologies

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Experts in Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation

Water inflow and infiltration in your wastewater system can cause numerous problems in its efficiency and overall operational costs. It can be a small leak such as joint in a manhole, or major infiltration such as a broken pipe. The cumulative effect of these infiltrations in the wastewater system can be very costly. Extra wear on pumps in lift stations and at the plant, as well as the cost of treating all of the unnecessary water.

Using our trenchless technology processes, Maritime Infrastructure Technology Inc. (MITI) is able to rehabilitate your wastewater system. We can provide a cost effective rehabilitation, while at the same time virtually eliminating the social cost involved with a traditional excavation repair.

MITI can help make your wastewater system work more effectively and efficiently by eliminating the unwanted inflow and infiltration and allowing your system to operate at its optimum capacity.
Pipe Repair, Restoration & Sealing
MITI restores the structural and hydraulic integrity of piping systems by using a reinforced 100% solids epoxy liner without digging or by-pass pumping.

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Chemical Grout Injection
Manholes can be a major source of inflow and infiltration problems.

MITI can help.

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Closed Circuit Video Inspection
MITI offers a self-propelled, high resolution, color Video Inspection Camera for inspecting residential, commercial, industrial and municipal piping systems.

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